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Your Casino is NOT Protected against Pro Roulette System Players.This roulette you you find and profit from a biased wheel before. That right capability is important by people to playing roulette guide latest analysis more.Roulette Odds. Roulette,. If a particular wheel has a bias towards certain numbers then players might be able to take advantage of this,.You need to decide on what degree observed of bias you are willing to accept before committing a large chunk of your bankroll on an attack.Roulette Strategy & Rules - Wheel Bias. with a team of trained observers monitoring results and relaying the data to their computer experts for analysis. But.

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The original roulette system based on wheel half the ball landed in,. The analysis of the last 1000 spins. The roulette wheel bias cases of over 7% do not.First and foremost, we are professional roulette system players.For this reason, before the demonstration is conducted, full quotations are provided based on your specific requirements.

Chi-squared and standard deviation testing: all the standard calculations, all done in real-time.Biased wheels cannot have obvious defects that are able to be detected by traditional inspections and tune ups.The biased wheel strategy seeks to find these imperfections and exploit the subsequent positive odds from certain outcomes on biased wheels.Prior to our arrival, prepare 5 or more sets of 2,000 spins, each from independent wheels (one spin per line in text format).Depending on the casino environment, there are few ways to do this but you will have to work the best way for the specific situation.

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Please ensure that the wheels do not exhibit a bias, at least with your current wheel analysis software.On the other extreme, a bias of only 1 in 34 is probably too tight to make a decent profit and may more likely be short term deviation.However, by using a new kind of analysis technique, a new form of bias can be discovered and exploited.

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Over time, even small inadequacies of wheel analysis software can end up costing you millions in lost revenue.

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If they are cunning, they may switch wheels in anticipation of a bias wheel attack.

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Segregation of data based on time-frames, individual croupiers, spin direction and much more: consider all parameters either automatically or manually.Spin Roulette Gold. First of you would be hard pressed to find a biased roulette wheel these day's. Spin Roulette Gold is a complete analysis of roulette,...By clocking a wheel for very large numbers of observations you are trying to weed out the short term random fluctuations from the true long run odds.

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What we are offering you is superior roulette wheel analysis software that detects a new form of bias that ordinary software fails to detect.Our primary website is Indeed we are opposition to casinos, and although our teams have previously utilized bias analysis, our current systems do NOT rely on any form of bias to play and win at roulette.

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The aim of this test is to prove conclusively that if professional players attacked each of your 5 wheels, they could have easily achieved a discrete profit beyond the cost of the actual equipment.

We are looking for biases because of some physical imperfection.Roulette Biased Wheel Attack. will this roulette wheel show a bias for Black 26. He then used a computer to make a statistical analysis of his.Your Current Roulette Wheel Analysis Software Fails to Detect a New Form of Bias.He then used a computer to make a statistical analysis of his collection of observations.Personally, I also like to check that the bias makes some sense.So if we see Black 26 coming up 1 in 30 and we see Red 3 and 0 coming up 1 in 32, then we can be more sure that there is some physical flaw in the roulette wheel.Of course demonstrations are conducted to your satisfaction, although we have one primary condition: if our tests produce an average over a 5% edge, you agree to proceed with the purchase.

These imperfections are unlikely to be exclusively biased for a single number.Learn how to profit from roulette wheel bias. Identify roulette wheel defects before casinos. Simply put it is the basics of advanced roulette wheel bias analysis.So the basic rule is, the more numbers you collect the better.While bias wheel attacks are not illegal, casinos will use their right to refuse entry on some trivial grounds to stop your, roulette, roulette casino, loothog, test roulette, systems Online Pokiez. Wheel Bias. Hot and Cold. Group Test. Wheel Gap. Gap Test. Table Profit Cover.

- Snowman/Kelly - Joe Player at Laurance board claim finding short term bias numbers based upon one economic term. I admit i don't know economics - but i know bias at.Ultimately our software will potentially save you millions over the coming years, especially as the techniques become more widely used by professional players.We will demonstrate a better than 5% edge on any of your wheels, purely from a bias that your current software fails to detect.Gonzalo was able to win well over a million euros over several years.Heuristics in judgment and decision-making. This can lead to a bias,. like expecting a roulette wheel to come up black because the last several throws came.Rather some loose fret might be slowing the ball down more than usual and making the numbers behind it more likely to come up.Put another way, you have found a wheel with a bias for Black 26.We are the developers of new roulette wheel analysis software that detects the new form of bias and roulette strategy that ordinary software neglects.

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If you have a way of definitely identifying a specific roulette wheel, it may be interesting to see if potential bias continues after a regular maintenance check.Advanced research and software on roulette behaviour; including roulette prediction, advanced roulette simulator with statistics and wagering systems analysis.