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During this time, Cesar considers proposing to her but whether or not she accepted is never revealed, although it is assumed they did get engaged.On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide.Emmet appears to be a friend of the Johnson family and provides weapons for the Grove Street Families.This prompted CJ to leave his gang life behind in favor of a new life in Liberty City, where he would spend the next five years.After the heist, Zero admits that he had told Berkley about it, earning him a punch from CJ.As a result, the Grove Street Families lose power and influence and subsequently relinquish all of their territory to their rival gangs.

Toreno makes no further appearances in the game, thus leaving his fate unknown.CJ later aids him in escaping from San Fierro by luring the Da Nang Boys away from Chinatown.

El Corona; Los Santos. Ook helpt CJ een oude vriend, OG Loc, die net uit de gevangenis. In het casino waarschuwt Salvatore hem dat hij ervoor moet zorgen dat.CJ rescues her from a fire in the mission, Burning Desire and from that point onwards, they begin dating.

During the attack, Hazer is shot by a Vagos member and is severely wounded.After CJ aids him in faking his death, Rosenberg begins working for the successful rapper Madd Dogg.

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Despite completing rehab for his cocaine use, Ken relapses due to stress.

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This is evident in The Introduction (set prior to the events of the game), where he is seen beating a man because he believes the man is untrustworthy.Madd Dogg is first introduced as one of the most successful rappers of the present time.This event is likely to have caused his paranoia which is clearly evident in the events of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto III, set six and nine years after the events of San Andreas respectively.

Paul later reappears in Los Santos where he begins producing music for Madd Dogg whilst the rapper is beginning to rebuild his career.

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A drunk Madd Dogg later attempts to end his misery by committing suicide but he is saved by CJ and is subsequently taken to rehab.Salvatore Leone ( GTA III ). San Andreas karena karyanya dibajak OG Loc dan manajernya dibunuh oleh Carl Johnson. diatas Royal Casino tetapi ditolong CJ dan.

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After arriving in San Fierro, Cesar works with CJ and Kendl in establishing a garage and auto dealership business.Ran Fa Li later becomes a shareholder in The Four Dragons Casino alongside CJ and Woozie.However, there were several signs suggesting that Smoke had become disloyal to the gang.OG Loc flees into an apartment, followed by CJ and Madd Dogg where they meet Silverman, who offers to sue OG Loc for them.The Truth is an aging hippie who initially lives in the countryside where he previously owned a marijuana farm.Jizzy B. is the biggest pimp in San Fierro, the owner of the Pleasure Domes club and a member of the Loco Syndicate.

Pulaski and his associates confront CJ upon his return to Los Santos.

During this meeting, Tenpenny hits Hernandez in the back of the head with a shovel for reporting C.R.A.S.H. to Internal Affairs and leaves CJ with the task of digging a grave for Hernandez and himself whilst being held at gunpoint by Pulaski.After barely surviving the latter, CJ finally has enough and tells Toreno off when he calls again later, but the latter simply informs him that Sweet has been released.